The best cases for your iPhone 13: from classic to super sturdy

Did you manage to get your hands on a new iPhone 13? Cool! To protect your latest acquisition, you naturally need a case. iPhoned has collected four cases for your iPhone 13: from classic to super sturdy.

The best cases for iPhone 13: from classic to sturdy

The iPhone 13 has only just been released, but you already have a huge choice of different types of cases. Want one that’s super thin? Or would you rather go for an iPhone 13 Pro Max case that can take a beating? We’ve put some together for you!

The cases we chose are all for the iPhone 13. Please note that some colors are only available for a specific iPhone 13 model and the price may vary.

The classic: silicone case with MagSafe

This silicone case with MagSafe from Apple (55 euros) has a good grip on the outside. On the inside it is finished with microfibre. It can’t be seen from the outside, but the silicone case has built-in magnets that fit perfectly on the iPhone 13’s MagSafe. This way you can also charge the iPhone wirelessly in your case. The covers are available in different colours, from ocher yellow to ice blue.

Apple Silicone case iPhone 13
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The Ultra-Sturdy: Otterbox Defender Series

Are you someone who regularly lets the phone slip out of your hands? Or do you want to make sure that your iPhone 13 is as protected as possible? Then grab an Otterbox Defender Series (50 euros). This very sturdy case for your iPhone ensures that your phone is always as safe as possible.

This sturdy case can withstand serious drops, dirt, scratches and bumps. In addition, the included holder can be used as a belt clip or as a hands-free stand. Useful!

iPhone 13 cases Ottorbox
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The super thin: ESR Project Zero iPhone 13 case

Do you think cases for your iPhone 13 are rubbish? Or if you have to, you want to see as little of it as possible. Then the super-thin iPhone 13 case from ESR (14 euros) is perfect for you. These transparent covers are very thin.

The transparent case is only 1.1 mm thick. The transparent cover is made of a softer material, which is slightly better for shock absorption. With this case your iPhone will not be too ‘bulky‘ and you can still see the Apple design.

ESP transparent case iPhone 13
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The stylish: Mujjo leather wallet

Are you going for style? Then Mujjo certainly has an interesting case for you! This Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13 (50 euros) is made of natural leather, which over time forms its own look according to your use.

The sturdy case provides the necessary protection and the microfiber finish on the inside prevents scratches on your device. You can also store a number of cards on the back of this Mujjo Leather Wallet.

Mujjo leather case
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