‘The camera of the iPhone 16 Pro Max is getting much better’ (here’s why)

According to several rumors, the camera of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will receive a few nice improvements. This is going to change.

Of course, it is no surprise that the camera of the Pro Max version will improve, because that is something you can expect almost every year. But it is still nice to know what will change according to the rumors.

iPhone 16 features

According to recent reports, the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s camera will have a bigger and better main sensor. This means that both the photo and video functions will benefit from this. The rumors also provided some additional information. The sensor of the iPhone 16 Pro Max camera will be about 12 percent larger.

The new sensor is made by Sony and has a better dynamic range and less noise. The fact that you see less noise in photos is of course always a bonus, but a better dynamic range is also very nice.

iphone 14 pro max camera

The dynamic range is the difference between the lightest and darkest part of a photo. It is often quite difficult for a camera to take a good photo with a lot of bright light and dark shadows. You then lose a lot of details in, for example, the shadows (you then see a black spot).

You can see this, for example, when taking a photo during sunset or at a concert with many light effects. If the dynamic range of the iPhone 16 Pro Max camera improves a lot, that is certainly a bonus.

iPhone 12 Pro Max night photo

Furthermore, the larger sensor also ensures that your iPhone can still take good photos in less light. That also means the iPhone can take a photo faster in low light.

For night photos, with current iPhones you still sometimes have to wait a while until you have ‘printed’, this is the shutter speed of the camera. Are you moving too much during that moment? Then the photo is blurry. If the camera of the iPhone 16 Pro Max improves, the shutter speed for night photos can also be reduced somewhat.

This is when the iPhone 16 (Pro Max) will appear

Of course, you should always take these rumors with a grain of salt. We won’t know for sure until Apple releases the iPhone 16 Pro Max. As in previous years, the new iPhone will be released sometime in September. The iPhone 15 was announced on September 12. So the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be released around the same time this year.

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