The curtain falls on the Audi TT after 25 years

662,762 units built

Audi TT

One of Audi’s most talked-about models ever is no more. Production of the Audi TT has stopped after more than 660,000 units.

In 1998 we were introduced to perhaps the most daring car that Audi ever brought to the market: the TT. The Audi TT was a true design statement on wheels and was therefore both loved and hated. A distinctive model that initially did not fully realize its sporting aspirations, but ultimately as a 3.2 Quattro and later as a TT S and certainly the TT RS, it certainly claimed its role in the more compact, sporty corner.

Now, after more than 25 years, the Audi TT is over, and a successor is not in the picture. A total of 662,762 units were built. Naturally, the last copy had to be photographed in the factory in Györ, Hungary, where the TT was built right from the start. This is a gray TTS, which in the photo is accompanied not only by proud factory employees, but also by his ancestors.

Audi TT

The last…

Just over 5,000 Audi TTs have been delivered in the Netherlands in all these years. The lion’s share of these were of the first generation TT, with 1999 as the best year (834 units). The second TT could not match the success and certainly the last TT has always remained a relative rarity here. This year the counter stands at five. Also worldwide, the TT no longer delivers what Audi would like to see and in that sense the farewell is understandable.

In AutoWeek number 49, we take a detailed look at the first generation of the Audi TT due to its 25th anniversary.

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