The historic look and modern soul of Bulova Military watches

Bulova and the US military have a long common history. From HACK watches, specially developed for combat troops, to watches designed for pilots. Bulova’s new military collection underlines this military heritage with automatic watches that build on the brand’s illustrious history.

Bulova A-15 Pilot watch

In 1943, the US Air Force started a project to develop a new watch to meet the demands of pilots. Together with Bulova, they developed a new way of navigating using radio equipment and sounding transmitters.

Inspired by Bulova’s military legacy and traditional 1940s timepieces, the new A-15 Pilot watch combines historical elements with a modern soul. The striking dial of the Dual Time watch contains two rotating discs that are operated by 2 crowns. The crown at the two o’clock position controls the elapsed time and the crown at the four o’clock position controls the second time zone.

Photo Bulova A-15 Pilot's watch
▴ Bulova A-15 Pilot Watch

Detail photo Bulova A-15 Pilot watch
▴ The additional crown operates the rotating internal Dual Time bezel

Bulova HACK Watch

The principle of a hack watch, or stop second, allows the user to synchronize watches without modern technology. Combat troops could set their watches to the second by pulling out the crown at the twelve o’clock position and pushing the crown back in at the same time as the team leader and the reference clock to restart the time. This can be done more accurately and easily with a hack watch.

The United States military during World War II relied heavily on the precision of the original Bulova HACK Watch to fine-tune its actions on land and aboard ships. The latest edition of the HACK Watch is inspired by the original from the 1950s.

Due to the versatility of the proven automatic movement and a supple leather NATO strap, the new Hack Watch looks very authentic. It is therefore not only a practical watch, but also a stylish tribute to Bulova’s history.

Photo Bulova HACK watch
▴ Bulova HACK watch

Detail photo Bulova HACK watch
▴ The crown can be used to stop the second hand; hacked

Bulova watches at Techzle

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