The iPod was on sale again for a while – is it making a comeback?

The iPod is absolutely iconic, but the music player has been discontinued since May 2022. Yet the iPod was for sale again this week: is it making a comeback?

iPod for sale again

It was a fascinating surprise: earlier this week, the Urban Outfitters store suddenly offered iPods again, from the iPod mini (2004) to the fifth generation iPod (2005). Completely retro – but not really. Because the back of the iPods was almost scratch-free, the built-in hard drive had been replaced by modern flash memory, and you received a cable and earphones.

What could that cost? $199 for the iPod mini, and a whopping $349 for the latest iPod model from 2005. These are shocking prices, especially since these models were cheaper when brand new. Yet all the iPods in the Urban Outfitters webshop were sold out in no time.

The comeback of the iPod

So there is clearly still demand for Apple’s music player. And that can be explained. In any case, vintage Apple products are doing quite well: just take a look at the auction site Catawiki. But there is also a trend where young people in particular are putting aside social media and endless timelines – even going so far as to use an old-fashioned cell phone. If you still want to listen to music, a real iPod is by far the best way to do that.

iPod ad

The Urban Outfitters iPods are now sold out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get them anywhere anymore! Here are the best places to get an iPod right now:

Pay attention to the condition of the battery and the internal drive. If you are a bit of a tinkerer, you can easily replace those parts – repair site iFixit helps you with that.

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