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Failed attempt

Landwind X6

Do you remember the first Opel Frontera? That was a bit of a reheated mess, but in a good way. The Landwind X6 was also a reheated mess, but in the way you shouldn’t do it. A failed attempt by the Chinese to gain a foothold here.

Maybe when you first look at these photos you think you have an Opel Frontera in front of you and secretly you are not far wrong. This creation is also based on the Isuzu MU, but it has been handled slightly less well here. This is a Landwind X6, a Chinese car where the Isuzu served as an example, just like the Frontera, but laced with a thick layer of lousy quality.

Colleague Lars Krijgsman and the undersigned recently came across the Landwind and were amazed to find another one. The Landwind X6 – also called the JMC Landwind – was certainly not a good car shortly after its European introduction. After all, it turned out to be life-threatening in the event of a collision and the Dutch importer soon called it a day with Landwind. Not only because of the quality did we expect to find an X6 again; At the time, the delivered Landwinds were quickly abandoned due to the controversy and you would certainly no longer expect people to drive around in an X6 after all these years.

Landwind X6

The first owner spent more than three years with the Landwind and the car was returned to the importer in 2011. This copy subsequently went to a private individual again in 2012. After that, the SUV changed owners regularly, ending up with the current one in the summer of 2022. In any case, he has something very special in his hands, let’s just leave it at that.

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