The new Longtail-McLaren is 765LT

Comes in a limited edition of 765 pieces

McLaren 765LT

McLaren 765LT

McLaren comes with a new Longtail version of the Super Series. The 765LT is lighter, faster and more exclusive than the 720S on which it is based.

McLaren presents the 765LT, a new “Longtail” sports car. In addition to the characteristic rear section, which is stretched in relation to the 720S, the 675LT is lighter and more powerful than the car on which it is based. The power is, as the name suggests, 765 hp and the torque 800 Nm. The performance is impressive, from 0 to 100 km / h the new McLaren accelerates in 2.8 seconds and from a standstill to 200 km / h can be completed in 7.2 seconds.

The 765LT is 80 kilograms lighter than the 720S. Thinner windows, even more carbon fiber parts and a titanium exhaust contribute to the weight saving. McLaren has removed the air conditioning and the audio system, but replaces it at no extra cost. For the LT version, McLaren has also re-adjusted the suspension and damping, increased the track width and changed and added aerodynamic components.

McLaren builds, very appropriately, 765 copies of the LT675. The model can also be ordered in the Netherlands.

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