The “Third Reich” in your own life story

Blick_in_den_Landtag_von_Baden-Württemberg_on_27.03.1947:_Im_Vordergrund_(2nd from left)_der_Sondermann_Gottlob_Kamm._Foto:_dpa_+++©_dpa_–_Report+++

Responsible for denazification in American-occupied Württemberg-Baden: Special Minister Gottlob Kamm (second from left), here on March 27, 1947 in the state parliament.
AKG / picture alliance / dpa

A research project examines how Germans told themselves about their arrival in democracy and their rejection of National Socialism after the Second World War.


The question of the transition from the Nazi dictatorship to democracy encompasses one of the central research areas in contemporary history. Since the end

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