Theme week: What is privacy and why is it important?

Theme week: What is privacy and why is it important?

Everyone has to deal with it, (online) privacy? But what exactly is privacy and how do products and services such as apps and smart security cameras deal with it? What about filming the public road with your smart doorbell and what health data do you give up if you have a Fitbit? Androidworld answers all these questions and more this week. The theme week is all about privacy!

Privacy on your Android phone

What can you expect from Androidworld this week on this topic? You will learn all about public WiFi connections, VPN services, smartwatches and privacy, various privacy-friendly apps and much more such as interviews and opinion and tip articles. Our regular sections are also devoted to this topical subject. That’s not all, of course, but we’re not going to reveal everything. So keep an even closer eye on Androidworld this week!

All about privacy

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Tips and background

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Best apps and games

  • Apps: Best social networking apps that respect your privacy

Offers and buying tips

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Do you have any tips or ideas?

Androidworld is the largest Android community in the Netherlands and Belgium. So we do this together! Do you have a question about the topic we discuss during the theme week or do you have ideas or tips? Let us know in the comments below this article. You can also email us at this email address or leave a message at facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also ask us questions via this Telegram group. Would you rather send one of the editors a tip? Then you can!

Theme week: What is privacy and why is it important?

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