There are still so many copies of the Ford Capri in the Netherlands

Quite a few!

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Ford Capri - 1983

The Ford Capri is a legendary coupe that appealed to many enthusiasts until 1986. The Capri name returns on a different type of car, but how many Capris are actually left of the original type?

You should know that the Capri was extremely popular from 1968 to 1984. We therefore asked our numerical friends from Vinacles how many Capri’s are currently still registered in the Netherlands. That was certainly not disappointing.

There are a total of 463 Ford Capri in our country. The nice thing is that there are eighteen copies from the first year of this model: 1969. There are still more than two hundred of the first generation, which ran until 1974. There are still a total of 463 copies of the Ford Capri. There are a few notable variants. To start with, we found two convertibles, one from 1970 and one from 1972. But there are also two Tickford Capris in our country, a special, fast version of the Capri Mk III from the British tuner Tickford, which was owned by Aston Martin at the time. affiliated.

Ford Capri in the Netherlands

• 1969 – 1974 234

• 1975 – 1978 75

• 1979 – 1988 152

• Tickford Capri 1984 – 1985 2

Total 463

However, the name Capri was already in use before 1969. Because in 1961, an elegant coupe of the English Ford Consul 315 appeared under that name. There are also a few of that model in the Netherlands. A whole nest in fact, there are fourteen in total.

Ford Consul Capri

Ford Consul Capri.

Ford Consul Capri in the Netherlands

• 1961 – 1965 14

Source: Vinacles

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