These 6 films and series are balm for the soul

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Somehow indicative that November starts with a “No”. This month doesn’t feel particularly affirmative. So let’s make the best of it. Let’s just make ourselves really comfortable at home.

We have selected series and films for you that turn your cigarette box into a blazing fireplace, that nestle around your mind like a wool blanket and let you forget the cold, harsh world out there for a while. These films and series are Balm for the soul.

1. Film “Little Women”

Louisa May Alcott’s book “Little Women”Is a in the Anglo-American world real classicthat has been filmed countless times. Actress and director Greta Gerwig dared to approach this material again last year and one of the most beautiful winter films created in recent memory. It’s about the five March sisters who live with their loving mother in the country while the civil war is raging.

Liaisons arise, they fall apart again and each of the sisters tries somehow to find their place in the world. On the one hand, the film offers many feminist points of contact, because Gerwig interprets the story a bit more modern than the older versions, on the other hand this is a fantastic film about Family and sorority. The Little Women talk about each other, bustle around each other and even if you didn’t grow up with so many siblings yourself, the film is very pleasant Feeling of solidarity and familywithout completely sinking into kitsch. A masterpiece and a great recommendation for the colder days that feels like balm on the soul.

2. Series “Pride and Prejudice”

Who fancy cozy historical fabrics has, sooner or later stumbles upon the films of Jane Austen’s literature. Younger generations in particular certainly know the “pride and prejudice” with Keira Knightley.

The series from the 1990s that catapulted Colin Firth into fame is also really worthwhile. Here too – as with Little Women – there are five sisters, this time from the 19th century England. All are unmarried and are looking for a partner for life. When the mysterious Mr. Darcy finally moves into the neighborhood, a love-hate relationship develops with the second oldest sister Elisabeth.

What is to be praised about the series is that it sticks to Austen’s original and can therefore draw all the characters much more sensitively. But what is really great is that you can sink into this kitschy world for much longer than in the later feature film. Is particularly suitable for a Pot of tea and plenty of pastries To forget the real world out there for a long moment.

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Do-gooders movies and series;  Tea and blanket;  cozy;  November
Tea, blanket & let’s go: let’s make ourselves comfortable in the cooler days of the year! (© CCO Public Domain / Unsplash / Bruno Oliveira)

3. Film “Hamilton”

The largest Musical sensation of recent US history can be seen on Disney + this year. In “Hamilton”Tells an ensemble PoC actors: inside (People of Color) the story of the US founding father Alexander Hamilton and the piece is really a stunner.

The mix of Hip hop, RnB and historical information whirls across the screen like a dervish for almost three hours, the set is minimalist Choreography breathtaking and the music is so catchy that you can sing along with the second chorus. The musical has been criticized for putting Hamilton, who himself owned slaves, in too rosy a light, and thus even glorifying it. You can actually argue about that, but Hamilton does wonderful spectacle is that yourself especially for dark days offers is out of the question.

4. Series “Friends” (or another sitcom)

Especially in times of Social distancing can series that are about Friendships going to make you feel good. They make us feel like we’re listening to someone we know. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sitcom or a film series. “Friends“Is a prime example of this and forms an important starting point in the series world.

The series itself has borrowed a lot from previous series like “Seinfeld” and inspired other successful sitcoms like “How I Met Your Mother”. “Friends” is currently experiencing another major revival and streaming providers are paying millions of dollars for the broadcasting rights. Whether you can still laugh at every joke from “Friends” today can be discussed, but that cozy feelingSitting with Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Ross in the Café Central Perk can be an especially good option in times of social distancing very beautiful and extremely comforting his.

Do-gooders movies and series;  Sitcoms;  couch
Whether on the big TV or the laptop, sitcoms are the perfect companions: inside for relaxing hours on the sofa. (© CCO Public Domain / Unsplash / Erik Mclean)

5. Film “Call Me By Your Name”

There is hardly a film that does that Feeling of summer transported as much as “Call Me By Your Name“. It may not feel like a warm blanket, but especially in cold and uncomfortable times it is sometimes difficult to remember how it smelled, sounded or tasted in summer.

This Italian country vacation, during which two men fall madly in love, is not only bittersweet, but also very invigorating. You can slide into the pool with relish and dance to it on a summer night 80s disco song. The: the audience: in feels like playing the piano barefoot and taking a break on the racing bike tour to drink a cooling glass of water. “Call Me By Your Name” is a wonderful love storythat feels like a in love summer perfectly embodied.

6. Series “Over the Garden Wall”

There are many good ones Animated series, but “Over the garden wall“Is perhaps the best that has ever been made. When it appeared in 2014, it wasn’t that successful at all, but has now become an absolute insider tip.

In the series, the siblings Wirt and Greg have to go through a gloomy, almost grimm fairy tale world beat. Each episode is only 11 minutes long, and has one wonderful autumn mood. This is mainly due to the great traditionalist Folk songs and Orchestral pieces reinforced. The great thing about the series is that it follows a clear plot. In addition, at the end we find out who these two boys actually are and what brought them to this magical land. It only takes one evening to watch this series in its entirety, but the risk of repetition is guaranteed here.

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