These are the 5 best iOS games of October 2017

Every month the App Store is filled with new games. We pick out the gems and present the five best iOS games of October 2017.

Best iOS Games October 2017

At the end of November, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp from Nintendo will be released, but until then, plenty of other cool games have been added last month. Among other things, the surprisingly fun free game from Stranger Things, an educational game about the experiences of refugees and more.

1. Stranger Things: The Game

The Stranger Things series takes you back to the eighties. The accompanying game, released just before the release of the second season, takes you back to that time in a similar way with a retro game style. Stranger Things: The Game follows the events of the first season, with added enemies to defeat and puzzles to solve, of course. With Season 2 on Netflix, the game will also receive updates with content and characters inspired by the new episodes. This is a big game and free too.

Download Stranger Things: The Game from the App Store (free)

2. Bury me, my Love

You may be familiar with the Lifeline games, in which you are in contact with, for example, an astronaut on another planet via text messages. The game Bury me, my Love has a similar concept, but realistic. In the game you are Majd from Syria who is in contact with his wife Nour via his smartphone. She tries to flee to Germany and you advise her on certain events. It is an educational game based on real stories.

Download Bury me, my Love from the App Store (3.49 euros)

3. Frost

We have already played a lot of great games, but Frost takes the beauty prize. The idea is quite simple: you have to bring swarms of particles with your finger to an orb of the correct color. This becomes more and more difficult, due to obstacles in the field or by removing your direct control over the particles. Still, this puzzle game is not so much about the difficulty, but about the presentation. It is beautiful enough to wear this game.

Download Frost from the App Store (5.49 euros)


In REKT! you play as a stunt car, that has to perform as many stunts as possible within the time. If you get certain scores, you unlock new cars that drive slightly differently. The game also gives you a stack of assignments to do. It’s not a complex game, but REKT! controls nice and it’s fun to come up with new ways to score more points with even crazier stunts. The game only has a single arena, but the maker will add more in future updates.

Download REKT! in the App Store (2.29 euros)


Sheltered was already released for PC and game consoles last year, but now also fits on your iPhone or iPad. In the game, you take control of a family that must survive in a post-apocalyptic world. You have to make difficult choices, such as whether to go outside to find things you need. Although your play sessions are very dependent on luck, there is also a lot to experience. Do expect to have to start over often.

Download Sheltered from the App Store (4.49 euros)

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