These are the best accessories for your TV

For many of us, television is the focal point of the living room and we spend many hours in front of the device. In this article we discuss the best accessories for your 4k or OLED television, such as wall mounting systems and various types of cables that you can use with your television. And if you want more ambiance in your living room, you can add an LED strip to your TV.

Vogel’s Wall 3245

price: € 159.99

You need a good bracket to mount your HD television on the wall. Vogel’s wall mounts are known to last for years and are perfect for hanging even heavy televisions. The 3245 is available in black and white and can be turned and tilted. The angle of rotation is 180 degrees, this means that you can turn the TV in all kinds of angles. The bracket can lift a maximum of 20 kilos and is suitable for TVs from 32 inches to 55 inches. Of course you can neatly hide all your cables in the bracket.

Hama Full Motion

price: € 124.00

If you want to sit very close to your television or if you just have a very large living room, then a bracket with a long arm is handy. The Hama Full Motion is available in various types, this model can push the TV up to 80 centimeters into space. It does not matter what type of vesa connection the television has, the mounting bracket is suitable for all common vesa formats, including 400 x 400 mm. Plugs are included, the bracket is intended for televisions up to 65 inches.

Samsung No Gap WMN-M15EA

price: € 149.00

If you really want to hang your television completely tight on the wall, you need a special holder. The Samsung No Gap is suitable for various 55 to 65 inch televisions and ensures that there is a space of up to 7 millimeters between the TV and the wall. Of course, your television from the back must be flat, many TVs (including from Samsung itself) are not. The maximum load is also 35 kg, keep this in mind before you screw the wall mount to your wall. The No Gap is also available in different sizes, suitable for any flat TV.

PureMounts Wire

price: € 15.90 (plus € 11.90 shipping costs from Germany)

PureMounts takes a different approach. This is not a wall bracket, but a steel wire where you can hang your HD television. Serious? Yes, we were also a bit skeptical, but the steel wire can actually hang up to 50 kilos in weight. Installation is easy and your TV can hang on the wall within a few minutes. No hassle with positioning, you can just hang the television up by moving it a little. Another advantage is the price: the Wire is sent to your house for around 25 euros.

Ricoo S7244

price: € 29.99

A wall bracket of less than thirty euros? Yes, the Ricoo S7244 even has two arms so that your TV can be securely attached to the wall. You can turn the television up to a maximum of 120 degrees. Tilting is also possible, for this you have 10 degrees at your disposal. The bracket can handle a maximum of 50 kilos and is suitable for all TVs up to 65 inches. You can hang all kinds of televisions on the bracket; vesa formats up to 400 x 400 are supported.

Newstar FPMA-C340

price: € 61.56 (plus shipping costs)

The vast majority of solutions are aimed at mounting your television on the wall, but what if you prefer to hang it on your ceiling? The FPMA-C340 is a ceiling mount for screens up to 75 inches. The maximum load capacity is 50 kilos, but of course you have to see if your ceiling can hold this. You can rotate your television 360 degrees and the distance from the mounting bracket to the ceiling is between 106 and 156 centimeters.

Hama “easel design”

price: € 149.00

This standard with the beautiful name is simple but effective. The tripod has a simple attachment at the top to which you can attach televisions from 37 to 75 inches. Cable clips are included so that you don’t see any ugly cables hanging between the feet. The maximum load capacity is 40 kilos and the height is 133 centimeters. If you hang the television on it, the overall picture indeed looks exactly as if you have a painting on a donkey.

Vogel’s NEXT OP2

price: € 899.99

A stand for nine hundred euros? It looks like Apple! Yet this is not a normal base for your TV, the entire stand is made of wood and on the bottom bar you can easily install a sound bar. For this you still have to buy an accessory for a few tens. This booth from Vogel’s looks breathtaking and can offer TVs from 50 to 77 inches the perfect surface.

Rfiver Universal TV Ständer

Price:€ 14.99 (plus shipping costs from Germany)

Do you prefer a cheap foot for your television, or rather: two feet? Then you can buy this stand from Rfiver at Amazon. For 12 euros plus shipping costs from Germany you have two feet that you can attach to almost any TV between 27 and 65 inches. All known vesa formats are supported since the feet are attached to a bar with holes. The wider your vesa connection, the wider the feet are apart.


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