These are the electric Volvo EX40 and EC40

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Volvo EX40Volvo EX40Volvo EX40Volvo EX40Volvo EX40Volvo EX40Volvo EC40Volvo EC40Volvo EC40Volvo EC40Volvo EC40Volvo EC40

Volvo EX40

Volvo puts different names on various models. The electric versions of the XC40 and C40 will soon be known as the EX40 and EC40. But more is changing.

Volvo’s latest electric models have prompted the brand to rename its long-standing cars. Volvo’s youngest EVs are the EX30, EX90 and the EM90, which is not available here. All fully electric models whose model names start with an E. Volvo is now also changing the names of two electric models that have been around for some time.

Volvo EC40

Volvo EC40: taking some time to get used to the name.

The electric Volvo XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge will from now on be known as EX40 and EC40. According to Volvo, it does this to ‘streamline’ the model names and ‘increase transparency for customers’. On the one hand, this is a clear story with a clear goal, although in the relatively short term it also creates a new division. The XC40 with combustion engines will continue to be called the XC40. Volvo previously indicated that it only wanted to sell electric cars from 2030. The plug-in hybrid models permanently lose the Recharge label and are now simply referred to by engine names such as T6 and T8.

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