These are the most popular iPhone 14 models

Half of the iPhones are already sold out at the time of writing. Based on new numbers, we know which iPhone 14 models are the most popular.

Which iPhone 14 model is the most popular?

The Apple Store is already full of them; sold out signs. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro is no longer available in any color and you have to wait a long time for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We had to wait a while for the iPhone 14 Plus anyway. The German website Macwelt has calculated with internal data from Amazon and MediaMarkt which iPhone 14 models are popular with customers.

This research shows that the Pro models are by far the most popular. In total, they account for almost 97 (!) percent of all orders, while the ‘normal’ iPhone 14 (Plus) has been ordered for 3 percent.

iPhone 14 Pro

The most popular iPhone 14 . storage memory

Since 2021 we see Apple flagships with 128GB of storage memory as standard. You can upgrade this to 256GB, 512GB or even 1TB! The new iPhone 14 will therefore come this year with the minimum size of 128 GB.

This is more than enough to store photos for years, use all your Spotify playlists offline and have enough apps on your phone. This storage memory also came out the most popular in the test of purchases of the iPhone 14 models from Macwelt. Just over half of iPhone 14 Pro purchases are now used with 128GB. Logically, of course, this phone is already expensive enough with this storage memory.

When we talk about iPhone 14 Pro Max, the 256GB version is the most popular. 60 percent of this iPhone 14 model was sold with this storage memory. Understandable of course. If you want to film with it, especially in Pro-Raw format, an iPhone 14 model with 128 GB is quickly full.

most popular iPhone 14 models

The most popular color of iPhone 14

The dark colors of the iPhone 14 models and the iPhone 14 Pro are generally the most popular. With each model, these dark colors are sold for half. So they listened carefully to our color advice.

For the most popular iPhone 14 models, the Pro and Pro Max, space black is the most popular color with 47 percent of sales. It is striking that dark purple (also a kind of black color) is in second place with 27 percent. On the other hand, this is not very strange either. Apple has introduced this color new.

iPhone 14 Pro

Conclusion: Just wait for the iPhone 14 Pro (128GB)

In short: the iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB in ‘space black’ is the most popular model overall. This one is according to Macwelt accounting for 19.5 percent of all iPhone 14s sold. In second place, at an appropriate distance, finishes the iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB, also in space black. Third, we see another iPhone 14 model in also the same color: iPhone 14 Pro Max with 256 GB in space black.

The remaining models each account for nearly five percent or less. Have you just missed the boat and do you want to be ahead of long delivery times? Get your iPhone 14 Pro (Max) in silver or gold. Or you go for the ‘regular’ iPhone 14, although we do not recommend it.

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