These are the watch trends of fall 2021

Autumn has now really started and with a new season comes new watch collections for autumn. This year again we see a few surprising watch trends. What is striking is that more and more eco-friendly watches are appearing on the market. Of course, the development of smartwatches is also continuing. But the surprise of this season is that we see a lot of color again. In the cases, straps and overall look of the watches, for women, but also for men! Below we show you a few of our favorites.

Watch trend 1: Sustainably produced watches

What started cautiously a few years ago with a few watch straps made from recycled PET bottles is now really starting to become a major trend in the watch world; Watches sustainably produced from more sustainable materials.

Skagen Aaren Naturals SKW2974
▴ Skagen Aaren Naturals SKW2974

Swatch Big Bold Bioceramic 'Orack' SB03M104
▴ Swatch Big Bold Bioceramic ‘Orack’ SB03M104

Fossil ES5096 Pro-Planet Jaqueline
▴ Fossil ES5096 Pro-Planet Jaqueline

For example, Swatch has recently significantly expanded their collection of BioCeramics watches. A new sustainably produced plastic of natural origin that feels cool and soft like ceramic. And brands such as Skagen Naturals and Fossil Pro-Planet are increasingly using recycled stainless steel. That saves a lot of raw materials and energy!

All watches that are produced with an eye for the environment in our collection can be found on our ‘Sustainable watches’ page.

Watch trend 2: Your smartwatch precisely tailored to your needs

The developments surrounding smartwatches are not standing still for the time being. Smartwatches are getting smarter. But we also see a cautious movement in the other direction: because a touchscreen watch is sometimes difficult to operate while you are running or wearing gloves, for example, various brands are now releasing ‘button operated’ smartwatches. Sometimes also in combination with an e-ink screen. A major advantage of this – in addition to the ease of use – is that the battery lasts longer. You see this, for example, with the Polar Vantage, Garmin Instinct or Skagen Hybrid.

Polar Vantage 90085160
▴ Polar Vantage 90085160

Skagen SKT3002 Hybrid
▴ Skagen SKT3002 Hybrid

Garmin Instinct 010-02293-05
▴ Garmin Instinct 010-02293-05

On the other hand, many ‘ordinary’ watches are becoming smarter; We see Bluetooth connected watches in which you synchronize the collected data with an app on your smartphone from more and more brands. Such as the Chronobike Connected from Festina (F20547/1), the limited G-Shock Full Metal GMW-B5000TR-9ER, the GBD-100SM-1A7ER sports watch or the Casio Edifice ECB-S100DC-2AEF chronograph.

▴ Chronobike connected F20547/1

▴ GMW-B5000TR-9ER

▴ GBD-100SM-1A7ER

So whether you want to be completely ‘smart’ all day long or want to use your smartwatch mainly for a specific purpose in addition to your everyday watch(s), there is plenty of choice on our smartwatch page. Need help choosing? Then read this blog.

Watch trend 3: Color, color, color

The most eye-catching trend of this fall is color, color, color. And not just for women, where we have traditionally always seen more color in the watch collection. There is now also plenty to choose from for men!


A watch color that is not very surprising, and a permanent force in many watch collections, is the color blue. And this season it is also one of the most important and frequently seen colors in the watch world. This is of course not surprising, because whether you want to combine your watch casually with jeans, or go to a chic dinner; Blue never lets you down and can be combined endlessly.

5563480 - Swarovski - Octea Lux Chrono
▴ 5563480 – Swarovski – Octea Lux Chrono

Tommy Hilfiger 1791853 Asher watch
▴ Tommy Hilfiger 1791853 Asher

Hugo Boss Boss 1513887 Pilot Edition
▴ Hugo Boss Boss 1513887 Pilot Edition

This season you will see blue in the collections of, for example, Armani Exchange and Maserati. But watches from Tommy Hilfiger such as the Carter 1791911 and the Swarovski Octea Lux 5563480 are also completely in this season’s trend color: blue.


Last spring you saw that natural shades such as brown but especially green were on the rise. The world is becoming more aware of “green” living and this literally translates into fashion colors. The color green can also be found in the new watch collection this autumn. Whether you go for a chic emerald green or a cool army shade, the new collection has it all.

Fossil FS568 Neutra Chrono
▴ Fossil FS568 Neutra Chrono

010-02395-00 - Garmin - MARQ Golfer
▴ 010-02395-00 – Garmin – MARQ Golfer

Seiko Presage Ginza SSA445
▴ Seiko Presage Ginza SSA445

For example, look at the new watches from Emporio Armani or Fossil, with army-green dials. Garmin has also released a green and unforgettable watch with its 010-02395-00 model. Chic with a cool edge and smart too! The soon to be available special limited ‘Ginza’ watches from Seiko have a subdued teal color.


Red; the color of love and strength. Comeback. For a number of years, red was on the back burner for most brands (with the exception of Diesel). But this season, red is back in all shades: go for luxurious burgundy or go for striking fire red.

This season, Danish Design has a beautiful burgundy women’s watch with a luxurious look that is great as a gift that radiates passion. Looking for a striking men’s watch with this trend color? Then take a look at one of the Ferrari watches in the characteristic red color. And Pulsar has managed to embrace the red trend without shouting out immediately with its PG8335X1 men’s watch.

Pulsar - PG8335X1
▴ Pulsar – PG8335X1

IV27Q1288 - Danish Design - Nostalgi 1988
▴ IV27Q1288 – Danish Design – Nostalgi 1988

Scuderia Ferrari 0830865 Pista
▴ Scuderia Ferrari 0830865 Pista


Feminine, romantic and lovely is often the description given to pink. However, we often see pink with an edge in the autumn collection. Ice watch combines sweet pink with sporty. Swatch also makes pink accessible to men with the unisex watch GE290 and Citizen has created a women’s watch that radiates classic elegance with the EM0922-81X model.

019148 - Ice Watch - Generation Ballerina
▴ 019148 – Ice Watch – Generation Ballerina

GE290 - Swatch - Pink Disco Fever
▴ GE290 – Swatch – Pink Disco Fever

EM0922-81X - Citizen - Elegance
▴ EM0922-81X – Citizen – Elegance

All colors of the rainbow

Is one color not enough for you? Continuously developing techniques that can be used to color steel and even titanium make it possible to make exuberantly colored watches. For the daredevils! Such as the Casio A1000PRW-1ER, or the Guess GW0044L1. In a higher price range, but also a limited Swiss quality watch, the Maurice Lacroix EL1118-PVP01-090 is another example of a colorful watch.

GW0044L1 - Guess - Lady Frontier
▴ GW0044L1 – Guess – Lady Frontier

EL1118-PVP01-090 - Maurice Lacroix - Eliros
▴ EL1118-PVP01-090 – Maurice Lacroix – Eliros

A1000PRW-1ER - Casio - Vintage
▴ A1000PRW-1ER – Casio – Vintage

Special color surprises also await us from G-Shock this autumn. Such as the purple GMW-B5000PB-6ER But more about that in a next blog…

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