These cars were also given a different name at the last minute

It even happened to 911, Panda and Model 3!

Tesla Model 3

Rejected by the Milan city council, Alfa Romeo must change the name of its new little one. The Milano becomes the Junior. It can happen to anyone. Here is an overview of previous cases where cars were renamed at the last minute.

Volvo S4 and F4 (1996)

When Volvo decides to call its mid-range cars S4 and F4, Audi steps up: S4 is not allowed. Then just S40 and F40. But they don’t find the latter in Maranello. So it becomes S40 and V40.

Tesla Model E (2017)

Elon Musk would love it if he could write a word with the type designation of his models. However, Ford throws a spanner in the works and claims the name Model E. Elon now only gets as far as S3XY.

Talbot Arizona (1985)

The successor to the Talbot Horizon is as good as ready under the name Arizona when Peugeot decides to scrap the Talbot brand and fly the car under its own flag as a big brother of the 205. But number 305 is already forgiven and 306 is too much honor. The odd one out is called 309.

Simca 1800 (1970)

At Dinky Toys France they have already put the scale models of the Simca 1800 in the boxes when the real car is eventually marketed as the Chrysler 160 and 180.

Chrysler 160

Land Rover Highlander (1997)

A completely new compact Land Rover should be called Highlander. However, Volvo already uses that name for promotional models. Fortunately, the recess in the rear door also fits the Freelander name.

Fiat Gingo (2003)

In 2003, a small Fiat drove in the advertising caravan of the Tour de France: the Gingo. Renault thinks the name is too similar to Twingo, so the cart eventually appears in the showroom as Panda.

Fiat Panda 2003

Porsche 901 (1963)

At Porsche, the type designation has been nothing more than the project number of the car for years, including project 901. That is, until Peugeot claims the right to numbers with a zero in the middle. In this way, 901 becomes 911 at the last minute. For the same reason, DAF has to remove the power indication from the grille of the 304 hp 2600.

Porsche 901 prototype

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