These iPhones and iPad get iOS 18 (iPhone news #9)

A list has appeared with iPhones and iPads that will receive support for iOS 18 this fall. Can your device last another year? Check it out in this week’s most important Apple and iPhone news!

iOS 18 and iPadOS 18: these iPhones and iPads will receive the update

iOS 18 support

According to rumors, many new features are coming to your iPhone and iPad this year, as iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 will be huge updates. Apple is catching up in the field of artificial intelligence and we will see that again. With the update, Apple introduces many AI functions: Siri becomes a lot smarter and Messages, Photos and Apple Music receive useful AI improvements.

But for this, your device must have support for the latest update. These iPhones and iPads are getting major software updates this year!

Check the list

‘iPhone 16 Pro will have a telephoto lens with tetraprism and more zoom’

best camera

According to TrendForce, Apple plans to bring the tetraprism camera from the iPhone 15 Pro Max to the iPhone 16 Pro (and iPhone 16 Pro Max). Usually reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also said this before.

We already know that such a camera with tetraprism has a lot of advantages thanks to our current iPhone 15 Pro Max. We’ll talk to you about why that camera is so cool. But there is even more news.

This is coming to the iPhone 16 Pro

WhatsApp addict: you have sent that many messages in total

WhatsApp sent messages

WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of every iPhone and countless messages go back and forth every day. But do you actually WhatsApp a little too much? Or do you think it’s not too bad? Then check how many messages you have actually sent in all those years of WhatsApp.

That’s how addicted you are

Apple is working on a smart ring, glasses and AirPods with a camera: we know this

apple glass

In 2023, Apple presented a truly new product for the first time in years with the Vision Pro. According to rumors, we can expect even more new devices, because Apple is working on some cool accessories.

For example, the company plans to launch a smart ring on the market, something that Samsung has also recently hinted at. In addition, smart glasses are being tested, which are much less advanced than the Vision Pro.

We already know this

HomePod with screen is coming (but we still have to wait)

home pod screen

It was already clear that Apple is working on a new HomePod, which will be equipped with a display for the first time. The updated version of the speaker should ensure that the HomePod becomes the center of your (smart) home.

You can then watch videos on YouTube or listen to music on Apple Music via the HomePod screen, as well as control all your smart devices. Apple is now running tests for this, but the release will probably take some time.

It will take that long

You can watch Formula 1 cheaply here

watch formula 1 airplay iphone

The new Formula 1 season is starting March 2nd starts with the Bahrain Grand Prix. We are used to Sunday being race day, but please note: the first race takes place on Saturday. Make sure you are ready for the start in your racing outfit with snacks at 4 p.m.

Unfortunately, Formula 1 is not free to watch, but you must take out a subscription with one of the services that offer it. We have listed below where it is most cost-effective to do this.

This is the best Formula 1 deal

‘Apple Vision Pro coming to more countries before June’

apple vision pro eyesight

The usually reliable Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo says that the Vision Pro will soon come to more countries. According to him, Apple will introduce the Apple Vision Pro in more countries before WWDC in June.

Unfortunately, Kuo did not say which countries these are. We are making a guess as to whether the Netherlands and Belgium are already among them.

Should you start saving already?

Apple Watch gets straps in new colors: these are them

apple watch dials

Apple often introduces new straps for the Apple Watch in the spring and this year is probably no different. According to rumors, new spring colors will be added, meaning the straps will soon be available in lighter colors.

The new shades have surfaced in a test version of iOS 17.4. The update found codes for colors that are not yet available on the Apple Watch dials.

These are the new colors

Buying an iPhone 12 in 2024: is that still wise?

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 will be four years old this year. We wondered: is it still wise to buy an iPhone 12 in 2024? The short answer is: ‘Yes.’ The long answer is a bit more complicated, but in this article we will explain it completely.

Is an iPhone 12 still worth it?

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