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Faithful workhorse

Volkswagen Passat

Old cars sometimes appear that apparently do not necessarily belong to an enthusiast and are simply – somewhat carelessly – used for daily use. That seems to be the case with this Volkswagen Passat.

There are certainly enthusiasts for it, but the second generation of the Volkswagen Passat has never really become a common classic. The Passat B2 Variant is certainly a car that… en masse has been scrapped or gone abroad. This (partly) ocher yellow Passat Variant, spotted by AutoWeek forum member D oh, entered our country at an advanced age. In 2009, to be precise. Someone then took the trouble to put a then 27-year-old Passat on a Dutch license plate, so perhaps it was an enthusiast. He said goodbye to it after just two years, handing it over to someone who remained loyal to it for about ten years. The car then ended up in the hands of the current owner almost three years ago.

Volkswagen Passat

We can imagine that the Passat has become worse over the course of those fourteen years, because unfortunately it is not necessarily seen as a car that you buy from abroad because you really want it. There are dents from front to back, the ghost of rust appears here and there and a single bumper strip is clinging tightly to the driver’s door with duct tape. Furthermore, at some point in its existence a bright yellow tailgate was installed to replace the original. Still a witness to some renovation work, although it was solved quite simply.

Enough negativity, above all it is worth a big compliment that someone has made the choice to take this Passat on the road. A piece of automotive heritage is therefore preserved. It is only hoped that the Passat is a bit fresher underneath than on the outside, otherwise it may not be with us much longer. That would be a shame, right?

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