This 42 year old Volkswagen Golf is still wonderfully pure – In the Wild

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This 42 year old Volkswagen Golf is still wonderfully pure – In the Wild

Despite their age, some cars actually need no introduction in our country. Think of the Opel Kadett, Ford Escort and of course the Volkswagen Golf. Here we have one from the last days of the first generation.

It sold out in droves in the 1970s; the first generation of the Volkswagen Golf. Just like its spiritual predecessor, the Beetle, it had succeeded wonderfully in reaching the masses despite the big shoes it had to fill. However, on the threshold of the 1980s it was clear that it was time for a new chapter for the Golf and in 1983 this was added luster with the introduction of the second generation. Just before the time came, this white one rolled off the production line.

In 1981, this copy spotted by HarmenA was born and started its life outside the Netherlands. This may possibly be a car brought from Germany. In any case, it came this way in 2003 and was registered by a private individual. Back then this was already a 22 year old Golf. If you imported it at that age, there must have been some hobby involved. Strangely enough, the first Dutch owner gave it up again after less than a year, after which he was allowed to stay at one address for a little longer.

Volkswagen Golf

We are dealing with a Volkswagen Golf LS and that means that it is one of the middle equipment level of the non-GTIs. We don’t know for sure, but he probably has the 70 hp 1.5 in his nose. At the time, Volkswagen praised the ‘L’ (with the addition of S in the petrol version) as follows: “What makes the Golf L so special? It is almost too much to mention. Take, for example, its decorative moldings along the windows, around the grill, along the beltline and on the back. Or take its very comfortable interior. Because the elegant appearance is not compromised on the inside.” 42 years later, this example still looks neat for its age, although it does appear that the rust devil is rearing its head slightly along the edges at the bottom of the carriage. This wonderfully pure Golf will undoubtedly get the love it needs in time.

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