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Audi A4

The Audi A4 has evolved carefully over the generations, but the first generation A4 is now very clearly an Audi from a completely different time. It quickly looks a bit more sympathetic than the current one, especially in this blue color.

Nowadays the Audi A4 quickly has an almost aggressive appearance, but that was different with the first generation. Just like the predecessor Audi 80, friendly round shapes were still present, there was a subtle grille and huge manhole covers for wheels were hard to find in most versions. This blue A4 from 1998 conveys that subtlety beautifully. Look at him standing on his 15-inch alloy.

The color and chrome trim give it some understated sophistication and this clearly continues inside the A4. After all, there you will find leather-covered seats and ‘wood’ inlay on the dashboard. For an A4 with the entry-level engine, it looks quite chic here. At the same time, you will still find window winders in the back and you can apparently search in vain for things like air conditioning and cruise control. Here, someone with a certain budget has specifically walked through the options list.

Audi A4

The first owner owned the A4 until the summer of 2003, after which the car went to the previous owner. He then remained faithful to it for almost 21 years. That offers hope for the condition of the car and it also seems that the person has had the maintenance properly stamped. Another plus is that the A4 has only driven 123,000 kilometers, so it is probably still looking pretty fresh despite its age. So maybe worth a look. It is located in Abcoude and has an asking price of €3,250.

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