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Barely used

Citroen Saxo

You will probably not find a ‘fresher’ Citroën Saxo than this. Its so far only private owner has mainly left it alone.

This Citroën Saxo from 1996 proves once again that there are people who buy a new car and then do almost nothing with it. On a beautiful summer day that year, someone got their hands on the keys to this then brand new Saxo and at the beginning of this month it was finished after almost 28 years and only 35,181 km. You read that right, we are dealing with a car that has only driven an average of about 1,300 km per year. A distance that can also be covered in a day.

The car (at least in these photos) can also be seen that it is still so ‘virgin’. You probably won’t find another Saxo that looks as new as this otherwise very simply designed Saxo. The question is whether it is all technically equally fresh. Driving so few kilometers does not necessarily have to be beneficial. If you want to take this on the road, it is certainly advisable to thoroughly inspect the car technically for bad parts due to standstill. Consider, for example, drought cracks in hoses, rust problems in the gasoline tank (and perhaps old gasoline) and stuck parts.

Citroen Saxo

Almost as if the plastic has just come off.

Fortunately, we are dealing with relatively simple and problem-free technology. The 1.1 four-cylinder engine could have a bad head gasket due to the likely short journeys, but fortunately that can be repaired relatively cheaply. There are also plenty of parts available for the Saxo, which shares technology with other PSA products such as the Peugeots 106 and 205. It is hoped that the bill will not rise too much, because with an asking price of €2,495 it is already a fairly pricey Saxo. Given the special history and beautiful optical condition, that is an explainable price in itself.

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