This is how you change your password on Windows 10

Change Windows 10 password

Usually you choose a password for your Windows 10 account once on the device you use every day, which you no longer need to change. The same applies to a set pin code. But there can always be a reason why you have to change your password or PIN. In this article we explain how to do that.

Note that if you change your password from the online account you linked to your Windows 10 profile, the password for that profile will also change. So if you also use Outlook, Xbox or another Microsoft service with that account, you should keep in mind that the new password will also apply in the future.

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Change Windows 10 password

Go to this Settings and Accounts. On the left you see registration options in the menu. Below ‘Decide how you want to sign in to your deviceYou click on password. Then a button called appears We sing in picture. First you have to enter your old password and then you create a new one. If you are still attached to your old password, then you are out of luck: you can no longer use it (for security reasons).

The above steps also apply if you use a local Windows 10 account on Windows 10. The advantage of this is that the password for your other (online) accounts does not change.

Change Windows 10 password

Change pin code

In the screen of Login options you can also change the Windows Hello PIN. Two places above the button for adjusting your password you will see the option, called Windows Hello PIN. If you click on that and then on We sing then you must first enter your old PIN. Then you can come up with a new combination. As an extra option you have the option to add letters and symbols, so that the pin code also looks more like a password. This may make it more difficult for people who want to enter.

If you choose to change or use a PIN, you do not need to change your password. But it doesn’t hurt to do this periodically, especially if it’s linked to your online Microsoft account.

Change Windows 10 password

Change password from login screen

What if you have forgotten your password and you no longer enter your account? Then you can have a code sent to an alternative email address from the login screen by pressing the button under the login window. You should have set this up before. And that is necessary, otherwise you can not confirm the previously set e-mail address. You must then copy the code that you will receive, so that you can then access your own account.

Do you have a local account? Then you have previously set security questions that you now have to answer. If you do this correctly, you will automatically regain access to your account.


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