This is how you surprise your Valentine with the perfect WhatsApp message

Bye people in love of the Netherlands, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Time to think about a delicious sweet WhatsApp for you crush

This is how you surprise your Valentine via WhatsApp

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. The day of serenades, 100 red roses and very expensive restaurants. Would you rather take it a little more low key at? Don’t worry, that’s also possible – as long as you stay creative. Fortunately, this can be done via WhatsApp. We help you on your way with the following ideas!

1. Send a personal video

Of course you can always put your heart and soul in a sweet message, but a text cloud never radiates the same energy as yourself. So gather all your courage and send a personal video to your own Valentine on February 14th! You can go in many directions with this.

You can of course record a nice video message, raw and unedited. You can also opt for a TikTok-like video, in which you show how much humor you have. Or write your own text on your favorite song crush and make a short video clip for this.

iMovie trailer
iMovie trailer

Finally, you can surprise your Valentine with a homemade movie trailer. You can put it together very easily with the iMovie app. This is preinstalled on every iPhone, iPad and Mac. You can choose from different formats, including adventure, retro, horror and – most appropriately in this case – romance.

2. Create your own romantic sticker

In 2022 it is completely trendy to send stickers via WhatsApp. These are often ‘viral’ stickers, which are often forwarded. However, you can also easily make them yourself! There are apps for this, such as Sticker Maker. You can upload and crop your own photos with Sticker Maker. Is just a photo not enough? Feel free to add a text – you can choose from several fonts and colors.

Valentine WhatsApp sticker

What kind of sticker you make is, of course, entirely up to you. You and your sweetheart might have a hilarious inside joke, which you can process in the sticker. Again: be creative and send your Valentine your own sticker via WhatsApp this year!

Read here step by step how to make a sticker with the Sticker Maker app.

3. Create a photo collage

Do you already have a lot of photos together? Then you don’t have enough space with a sticker. In that case, make a nice photo collage. You can do this with different apps. A popular application is PicsArt. The app is free (provided you can tolerate the huge amount of ads) and offers a lot of different filters, text options and photo frames.

Also, don’t be too ‘thirteen in a dozen’ when making a collage. You want to impress, don’t forget that. So think of a nice theme or an underlying message for the collage. Or even better: hide a secret message between the photos!

4. Send your own GIF

In addition to stickers, videos and images, it is also possible to send GIFs. These are a kind of moving pictures without sound. WhatsApp gives you access to a file of thousands of GIFs. You can find it like this:

  1. Tap the square sticker symbol. This can be found to the left of the camera icon in the text input bar;

  2. You will now see an overview of your stickers. Tap the GIF icon at the bottom of the screen. Then an overview of all kinds of different GIFs opens.

  3. Looking for a specific GIF? At the bottom left, you’ll find a magnifying glass symbol, which you can use to search for specific GIFs.

You can also make a GIF from a video yourself. To do this, you select a video to send, just like you normally would. You then arrive at the editing interface, where you can add emojis and text, for example. A GIF switch should appear at the top right. This will automatically turn your video into a GIF. Important: This is only possible for videos that are only a few seconds long. Does the switch not appear? Then crop your video.

Make GIF WhatsApp
The GIF Switch in WhatsApp

iPhoned wishes you a lovely valentine

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a bit commercial – but that’s okay. Expressing love is always fun. You make others happy with it – whether it’s your partner or (still) your Tinder match. Speaking of Tinder; do you want to know which dating app we think is the best? Or are you curious about how to recognize fake dating profiles? You can read it all on our website.

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