This is how you take a 360-degree panoramic photo with the Facebook app

Are you going on vacation and want to share some impressive photos on Facebook? Then create them in 360 degrees and place them on your timeline.

Panorama photos now in Facebook app

Facebook is today releasing a new version of its app for the iPhone and iPad. In addition to the standard bug fixes, there is also a brand new feature: taking 360-degree photos. You can create these from the app, after which they can be placed directly on your timeline.

Facebook has been supporting these types of photos for some time now. Users who encounter such a snapshot can swipe their finger or the screen to rotate the image. Until now, however, you had to take these photos with an external app, so you rarely encountered them. Facebook hopes to make the 360-degree photo more popular by putting it directly into the app.

This is how you take a 360-degree panoramic photo with the Facebook app

You can take a Facebook 360 degree photo like this:

  1. Open the Facebook app;
  2. Tap the field where you can classify a status;
  3. Choose the camera icon;
  4. Swipe up the menu and choose ‘360 Photo’.

A new window will open to help you take a good photo. By turning your camera while trying to keep a square in a line, you can be sure that the result looks good.

Share your photo or use it as a cover

Afterwards you can share the photo on your timeline and groups. It is also possible to tag people. A nice extra is that you can also use these panoramic photos as a cover photo of your profile.

Facebook’s new feature is rolling out gradually. This may mean that the above steps do not work for you yet. It can help to restart the app, although you can of course also wait for this photo function to become available to you.

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