This is new to Android 11

To get straight to the point: in Android 11 we find few new functions. Instead, the existing functions are more streamlined and more prominent. What can you expect from the latest operating system update?

Google has now started the wide rollout of Android 11, but the operating system does not appear on all devices at the same time. Users with a Pixel phone from Google (from the Pixel 2 to the new Pixel 4A) can be the first to get started. Furthermore, a beta version of Android 11 is available on the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro smartphones from Xiaomi, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro and the Reno 3 from Oppo.

More smartphone manufacturers will roll out the new operating system for their devices in the coming months. Users with a Samsung phone therefore have to wait a while. Samsung says it is already testing quite a number of devices with Android 11, including the Galaxy S10 Lite and S20.

No new features

In Android 11 we do not find groundbreaking new functions, but some small adjustments that should streamline your phone use. For example, you can minimize conversations in chat apps. In the home screen or in other apps, you will see various bubbles, similar to the bubble chats of Facebook Messenger, which you can tap at any time to continue the conversation in question. This allows you to multitask even better. Recent notifications must also become more transparent.

Moreover, you get an easier and faster overview of all your smart devices in the house by pressing and holding the on / off button of your smartphone. You will then be taken to a menu where you will also find your linked payment card. So you no longer have to use different apps to manage your smart lamps or thermostat. Small side note: the smart devices must be connected to Google Assistant.

Making long videos

If you regularly make long videos on your Android smartphone, then you will probably often be bothered by the maximum size that videos may be of 4 GB. This limitation has been removed in the new operating system, so that you can shoot videos until your battery is empty or your storage space is full.

Furthermore, Android Auto now works wirelessly in cars that support this. Although the Android Auto app is not yet officially available in the Netherlands, you can install and use it in a detour.

Android auto


Following in the footsteps of Apple, Google has also increased security to better ensure user privacy. For example, apps in Android 11 will ask you for permission every time they want access to your microphone, camera or location. You can then give permission once, which was not possible before. In iOS, this function has been supported for some time.

If you always want to give an app permission, you have to go to a little more effort by looking up this option in your phone’s settings, so that Google can make sure that you support that decision. If you do not use an app for a long time, the permission will be automatically revoked until you open the app again.

Android 11 brings many more small changes, but we have listed the most important ones in this article. IOS also recently received an update. In this article we will discuss this with you.


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