This is the Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Convertible

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible has been taken in hand by Bentley’s special department Mulliner. The end result is this appropriately named version of Bentley’s open Continental GT, which offers just that little bit more than the ‘normal’ versions.

We know Mulliner as the Bentley department where special and often ultra-exclusive versions come from. It works a little differently with the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible. This time it is not a special one-off version, but a permanent addition to the offer of the open Continental GT. The car distinguishes itself from a regular Continental GT Convertible by a special ‘Double Diamond grille’, new 22-inch wheels and a specially handmade leather interior with almost 400,000 stitching.

Further characteristics of the absolute top version of the Continental GT Convertible are the entry guards with Mulliner logos, ventilation openings directly behind the front wheels with the logo on it and the Mulliner logo on the dashboard. The various diamond shapes that – just like in the new grille – appear everywhere in the interior also give the whole a more exclusive touch.

The version shown shows one of the many color combinations that Mulliner offers potential customers on the order list. In total, three different color combinations are possible for the interior. For the exterior, there are 61 (!) Colors to choose from. But at extra cost you can have the car painted in any color you want. In Geneva, Bentley shows the Continental GT Mulliner Convertible for the first time in real life.

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