This is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has been officially presented and will be released in the Netherlands for 1999 euros at the end of September. The foldable smartphone succeeds the Galaxy Fold and has better specifications, larger screens and adapted software. You should know this.

Samsung already showed the Galaxy Z Fold2 at the beginning of August, when it unveiled the Galaxy Note 20 series. Today the foldable smartphone has really been revealed. You can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 from Preorder September 1after which he presses Delivered September 18 is going to be. From that date, the phone is actually for sale. The suggested retail price of the Galaxy Z Fold2 is 1999 euros. Samsung offers the device in the colors bronze and black. You can choose the color of the hinge via the Samsung website: blue, red, gold or silver.

Improved design and larger screens

The Galaxy Z Fold2 succeeds the infamous Fold from 2019, which was delayed several times due to quality issues. At the beginning of this year, the Fold was released and in our Samsung Galaxy Fold review you can read what we think of the special device.

According to Samsung, the Z Fold2 uses an improved hinge and folding system and must therefore be sturdier and better able to withstand dust. The device has also been improved on other points. The outer screen has grown from 4.6 to 6.2 inches, making it the same size as an average smartphone display. If you unfold the Z Fold2 like a book, you look at the inner screen. This screen has grown from 7.3 to 7.6 inches and now supports a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz for smoother images. The device has barely grown in size because the bezels around the screens have been reduced, and it has even become thinner. The weight has increased from 263 to 282 grams. The Z Fold2 is still not waterproof, but can now charge wirelessly – something the Fold lacks.


As you would expect from a second generation, the Z Fold2 has better specifications than its predecessor. For example, there is a more powerful Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and the battery charges faster (via USB-C with 25 Watt, wireless with 10 Watt.)

The device has 12 GB of memory, 256 GB of storage memory, a 4500 mAh battery and supports 5G. The choice of 256 GB storage memory is striking because the original Fold has 512 GB memory.

A triple camera is placed on the back. There is a selfie camera in the smaller screen. You will also find a selfie camera in the larger screen. You can use the triple camera on the back for selfies due to the smaller screen as viewfinder to use.

Optimized software

The Android 10 software on the Z Fold2 has been optimized by Samsung for the wider and foldable screen. Apps like YouTube, Office, Gmail and Outlook use the tablet version and need to be more useful with the screen space. Samsung apps for, for example, the files, calendar and camera have also been redesigned for the device.

Samsung insists that these kinds of apps immediately change format when you open or close the Fold. This should improve the user experience. You can also add more apps in one flex stand with the large screen folded 90 degrees horizontally and the Z Fold2 holding itself upright. For example, you can take better night photos than when you hold the phone and unconsciously vibrate a bit. It is not yet clear when the smartphone will receive an update to Android 11. Samsung promises at least three years of version updates, so to 11, 12 and 13.


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