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The new Volkswagen Tiguan will no longer have a longer Allspace variant. Instead, it will soon bring the new Tayron to Europe. Yet there will be a Volkswagen Tiguan with a larger size and AutoWeek can already show you that extended version.

Anyone who now walks into a Volkswagen showroom will see the brand new Tiguan standing next to the ‘old’ Tiguan Allspace. The Tiguan Allspace is actually little more than a longer version of the previous generation Tiguan, with a larger wheelbase and the option to accommodate a third row of seats. In Europe, the composition of the Tiguan family is changing. There will no longer be a longer Allspace variant of the new Tiguan, although it will indirectly have a successor here. Volkswagen intends to fill the gap between the Tiguan and the Touareg with the second generation of the Tayron. The current Tayron is a model that has been around in China for many years and will soon be renewed. There will also be a longer version of the new Tiguan, but this time it will not be coming our way.

AutoWeek can already show you that extended Volkswagen Tiguan after research in the database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, which is still available here for a while, was known in China as Tiguan L, and this also applies to the extended new Tiguan. In fact, we are dealing with ‘the new Tiguan Allspace’, although it will never be called that. How much larger is the Tiguan L, developed and produced by joint venture SAIC Volkswagen, exactly? Here we go.

The ‘regular’ new Tiguan is 4.54 meters long and, like its predecessor, has 2.68 meters between the front and rear axle. The new Tiguan L is 4.74 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2.79 meters. So it is 20 centimeters longer and has an 11 centimeter longer wheelbase. The Tiguan Allspace had a similar amount of extra centimeters compared to the regular variant. It is striking that Volkswagen appears to be calling the new Tiguan L in China ‘Tiguan L Pro’. The Pro addition to the type name suggests that the new model will at least remain in the range for a while alongside the old Tiguan L.

Here you can read more about the Volkswagen Tayron, which will fill the position left behind by the Tiguan Allspace in Europe.

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