This is what you can expect from Android 13

Android 12 has only just appeared on a handful of smartphones, but work is already underway on a successor. App developers have been able to work with Google’s new operating system for a while and a beta version has now appeared. What can we expect from Android 13?

Anyone using Android 12 already on his phone, it will not have escaped your notice: the operating system has been given a completely new design. As the name of the new design ‘Material You’ suggests, you can personalize your phone even more. For example, the colors in Android 12 are automatically adjusted to the background you have chosen and you can also adjust the color scheme of your phone in all kinds of ways.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Google is not making any radical changes to the design in Android 13. However, that does not mean that we cannot expect new functions and minor adjustments.

More unity

This way you can equalize the appearance of app icons, so that you get much more unity on your screen. The icons all get the same style and color and that looks streamlined. However, this will only be possible with Pixel phones at first. In addition, the app developer must provide an icon that fits within the Material You concept.

Also expect some new color palettes and a different time display on your screen.

Furthermore, some improvements are foreseen in the field of functionality. For example, you will no longer need a separate app to scan QR codes and there will be support for Bluetooth LE Audio and Low Complexity Communications Codec. This enables improved audio quality with lower power consumption. If you often listen to music on the road via your bluetooth earphones, you will appreciate this improvement.

Apps from Android 13 must also request permission to send push messages. This makes it possible to receive notifications only from certain apps. Android lagged behind iOS in this regard. In iOS you can turn off notifications for specific apps for much longer.

In Android 12, Google already took the design of the operating system on the shovel.

In addition, apps will soon be available in multiple languages. You can choose a different language for each app.


In May, Google came up with a timeline for Android 13. This shows that the company wants to roll out multiple beta versions of the operating system in the period April and July. Two beta versions have already been released and it is believed that there will be a total of four. An official launch of Android 13 can then take place in August of this year.

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