This Opel Ascona brings color to the contemporary street scene – In the Wild

Middle class people with few doors gather

This Opel Ascona brings color to the contemporary street scene – In the Wild

Earlier this week we focused on a three-door mid-sized car, a 1985 Ford Sierra. Today a two-door Opel Ascona is shining on your screen!

The traditional middle class car with only two or three doors is really something from another time. You could still find these at many brands in the 1980s. For example, the day before yesterday we had a real three-door Sierra hatchback from ’85 thanks to AutoWeek forum member D oh, now we can thank forum member HarmenA for sharing no fewer than three photos of this very nice two-door Ascona B from three years earlier.

Opel Ascona

Not only the fact that it is a two-door sedan reveals that this Ascona dates from a slightly earlier period than the Sierra. It can also be seen. This really is a much more straightforward 70s design. Yet the relatively simple lines also provide a bit of timelessness, which may make the Ascona more appealing to some people than the Sierra. Especially in this color it is a nice striking appearance among the contemporary stuff. It is striking how relatively modest the Ascona looks, even next to a Hyundai i10. Cars have clearly gotten a lot bigger since then. With its 4.32 meters length, it is even shorter than the current Opel Astra hatchback.

According to the license plate data, we are dealing with an Ascona 1.6 S (probably built in 1981) registered in early 1982, although it has an SR badge on the back. Perhaps some tinkering has been done over the years to make it look a bit ‘thicker’. In any case, the black around the rear lights and the three-spoke steering wheel belong to an Ascona with SR decoration. In any case, it is an Ascona that has been lovingly put into it, otherwise it would not have looked so good. It’s nice that the current owner has had it for just over a week now. Congratulations on your acquisition!

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