This prevents macOS Sonoma from showing your desktop after one click

Apple released macOS Sonoma yesterday, adding more features to the desktop. Unfortunately, an annoying shortcut has also been added, so you prevent your desktop from appearing with just one click!

Apple releases macOS Sonoma

Apple released macOS Sonoma last night. With the update, Safari gains useful (and secure) features and Notes becomes a lot more extensive. In addition, the desktop is getting some big changes, as it is finally possible to add widgets to the desktop on your Mac! In macOS Ventura you could still find widgets in the notification center, but they could not be displayed on your screen by default.

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This is finally possible in the new macOS version. But that’s not the only change, as Apple has also added a new shortcut. If you click on your background in macOS Sonoma, your desktop will now automatically appear. Handy if you want to quickly go to your desktop, but annoying if you accidentally click on your background. Fortunately, the function can also be turned off.

macOS Sonoma widgets

This is how you disable the shortcut

In macOS Sonoma it is possible to go to your desktop with one click. To do this, you only have to click on the background, which is no problem with the new beautiful screensavers in macOS Sonoma. However, it sometimes happens that you unintentionally click on the background, which takes you straight back to your desktop. That can be disturbing, especially if it happens more often.

Do you find the new shortcut annoying? Fortunately, the function is easy to disable in the settings of your Mac. Here’s how to prevent one-click access to your desktop in macOS Sonoma:

  1. Open ‘System Settings’ on your Mac;

  2. Click on ‘Desktop and Dock’;

  3. Go to ‘Click background to show desktop’;

  4. Finally, choose ‘Only in Stage Manager’.

macos sonoma

More new features in macOS Sonoma

Choosing this option limits the shortcut to Stage Manager. So make sure you have Stage Manager turned off so that you don’t go to your desktop by (accidentally) clicking on your background in macOS Sonoma. Stage Manager is a feature that is generally rarely used, the mode should make multitasking easier on the Mac. You enable (and disable) Stage Manager from your Mac’s control panel.

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The desktop has finally received more functions in macOS Sonoma. That’s not the only thing that changes with the software update, because a completely new game mode is also coming to your Mac. This makes playing games much smoother in macOS Sonoma. Would you like to know more about this fall’s major macOS update? Then read here which features come to your Mac with macOS Sonoma!

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