This Toyota Avensis has just been broken in – Enthusiast Wanted

As good as new?

This Toyota Avensis has just been broken in – Enthusiast Wanted

Looking for an enthusiast of the first Toyota Avensis is logically not easy. Yet this Avensis is one that would deserve an enthusiast, because you will no longer find them in this condition.

At the end of the 1990s, the first Toyota Avensis was given the tough task of succeeding the successful Carina E. He succeeded wonderfully in this; In the early years of this century they drove around in droves in our country. In 1999 he immediately achieved his all time peak, with just under 8,000 registered copies. What helped was that the Avensis was in great demand as a lease car. At that time, a traditional middle class car was still the best if you could drive a ‘company car’. Its successor also benefited from that popularity, although it remained somewhat in the shadow of the first Toyota Avensis due to its somewhat infamous D-4D diesel engine.

With this 1998 Toyota Avensis you don’t have to fear design flaws, this is one of a fairly problem-free series. Far from exciting, but just very solid. Nice and modest too, in black and with hubcaps that would really like to have been alloy wheels. In the interior you are greeted by seats with fabric upholstery that you probably cannot cause any damage to with the best of will. The dashboard is just as gray, but wood from a plastic tree provides a classy accent.

Toyota Avensis

Why would you still want this car in 2024? Well, it’s an Avensis like you’ll probably never find again. It has only driven 26,000 km and that is almost incomprehensibly little. The first owner had it for 14 years, the second for 12 years and both apparently barely used it. As always with cars with a low odometer reading, a thorough technical inspection cannot hurt, because it can seriously deteriorate a car. According to the provider, that inspection is included for the asking price of €6,950. That is also possible. We are curious who will receive the grant for this!

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