This update makes the Apple Watch even better at the gym

Thanks to a vacancy, we already secretly know which new functions the future Apple Watch will have. Fanatic athletes in particular will really like these new features!

Apple Watch gets improved strength training

In the job posting on Apple’s website states that the team is looking for a new employee with diverse knowledge in the field of multiple components, such as electronics that takes care of the taptic engine (vibration motor), photodiodes and a muscle tension meter.

Apple Watch power sports

Furthermore, the applicant becomes part of the development, testing and troubleshooting of new hardware. Taking a closer look at the requirements, this vacancy is likely related to the development of a new Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch already has a taptic engine, a temperature sensor and photodiodes. What is still missing is a muscle tension meter. These are used in some movement trackers and training equipment, among other things.

Researchers have already shown how a single muscle tension meter on the wrist can measure various things and even check blood pressure. Measuring blood pressure is a function for the Apple Watch that we have secretly been waiting for for years.

At the moment, the Apple Watch can only measure the amount of calories, time and your heart rate during strength training. These features are better suited for activities such as running or cycling. For a good, digital assistant in strength training, the Apple Watch actually has to keep track of much more data. Then a muscle tension meter would be a welcome addition.

It is therefore high time that the Workout app gets a major update. For example, the app needs an option that allows you to automatically set the weights you use. The Workout app must also be able to measure the number of sets and repetitions. This is the only way the Apple Watch can help you a lot better with your strength training.

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