This will be the motor vehicle tax for your electric car

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Motor vehicle tax for an electric car will still be free in 2023 and 2024. In 2025 you will pay, but you will receive a discount. In 2026, all discounts on motor vehicle tax for your electric car will expire. What would you pay?

At the time of writing, it is still unclear what the motor vehicle tax will be for your electric car. However, the time is approaching when you will have to pay for registering your electric car. Then it is useful if you have an idea of ​​what you will pay.

This is clear about the motor vehicle tax for your electric car

You will not pay motor vehicle tax (or road tax) for your electric car until December 31, 2024. That is easy. Then? As it is now known, you should take the following into account:

  • in 2025 you will receive a 75% discount on motor vehicle tax
  • In 2026, this discount on motor vehicle tax will (also) expire

The amounts you pay for a car with a petrol engine serve as the basis. This means that the weight of the car is particularly decisive.

Examples of motor vehicle tax for different electric cars

Below we have indicated the road tax in the cheapest and most expensive provinces for 2023 for various electric cars in various weight classes, if the rates for petrol cars are maintained, per quarter. Then you see what you would pay for motor vehicle tax in 2025 (so with a 75% discount) and in 2026. We also assume that the rates remain the same. So it is a rough indication. In the right column you will also find examples of cars that are approximately the same weight and will pay the same. Please note that the weight may differ per version of a model and it may therefore be slightly more expensive.

Weight mrb 2025 low mrb 2025 duration mrb 2026 low mrb 2026 duration Other models
Dacia Spring 912 19.75 22 79 88
Renault Twingo 1086 31.25 35.25 125 141 SmartForTwo
Fiat 500e(C) 1181 37 41.75 148 167
Mini Electric 1340 42.75 48.25 171 193 Abarth 500e(C)
Peugeot e208 1430 48.5 55 194 220 Opel Corsa
Nissan Leaf
BYD Dolphin
Opel Mokka-e 1498 54.25 61.5 217 246 Peugeot e-2008
Renault Zoe
Kia Niro EV 1635 60 68 240 272 BYD Atto 3
Volkswagen ID3
Opel Astra
Hyundai Ioniq 5 1805 71.5 81.25 286 325 Kia EV6
Polestar 2
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model S 2069 88.75 101 355 404 Jaguar i-Pace
Volkswagen ID4
Volvo XC40
Tesla Model X 2352 106 114 424 456 Polestar 3
Mercedes-Benz EQS 2380 106 114 424 456 Nio EL7
Volkswagen IDBuzz 2397 106 114 424 456
Volvo EX90 2718 123.25 140.25 493 561

Question marks about kilometer tax or weight compensation for electric car road tax

However, there are still some questions about the future of motor vehicle tax. For example, there is talk about the introduction of a kilometer tax, or some form of it. If this is introduced, the motor vehicle tax will disappear or at least be organized differently.

It may also be the case that there is compensation for the higher weight of the battery compared to a car with a petrol engine. If you were to take a Peugeot 208 with a petrol engine, you would spend about half as much on motor vehicle tax per quarter: €97-107 compared to €194-220 for the weight of an electric car of the same model. For a Kia Niro with a mild hybrid engine, the state will charge you €185-205 per three months, depending on the province, compared to €242-270 for the electric variant. In all cases, you can expect to spend less on electricity than on gasoline. But it remains to be seen how these prices will develop in the coming years…

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