tinyPod: with this device you no longer need an iPhone!

The tinyPod is an iPod-like device, but it is not only intended for playing music. He can do much more!

tinyPod turns your Apple Watch into a mini iPhone

The iPod was such a hit for Apple that the company investigated whether it was possible to make an iPhone with a spin wheel that felt just like it. Although that never came to fruition, the idea of ​​an iPhone inspired by the old iPod has not yet been forgotten. There is now even a company that has more or less created something like this.

It concerns the tinyPod. It device won’t be revealed until sometime in June, but there is already a video that shows quite clearly what we can expect.

The tinyPod is not what you think

Based on the name, you might think that the tinyPod is a device that can only play music. But as the video shows, the device can do much more than that. In fact, it is a case for an Apple Watch without a strap.

The tinyPod takes inspiration from the iPod and turns your Apple Watch into a kind of small iPhone. Instead of your Digital Crown, you use the iPod-like click wheel to navigate watchOS.


Your phone away from phone

We live in a time where many people struggle with phone addiction. The idea of ​​turning an Apple Watch into a less addictive “iPhone” is fascinating, to say the least.

With tinyPod, your ‘phone’ is still part of the Apple ecosystem, with all the essential apps that come with it. But it will also be a lot easier not to scroll through all your social media apps and YouTube every minute of the day. Simply because most of those services do not work properly on watchOS.

If it works well, the tinyPod is quite an elegant solution for some people. And it also looks really cute.

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