Tip: Add birthdays to the Calendar app of all your (Facebook) friends

You can easily add your contacts’ birthdays in Apple’s standard Calendar app. That way you will never forget to congratulate someone on time!

This is how you add birthdays to the Calendar app

You can of course use the Calendar app on every iPhone, iPad and Mac to record all your tasks. That way you don’t forget to go to that one party on Friday evening, and you can be sure that you won’t miss that dentist appointment next Wednesday.

However, the app is also a godsend for anyone who sometimes forgets a birthday. Certainly if you set the app correctly once, it retrieves all birthdays of your Facebook friends, Google contacts and people in your address book. However, this handy function is turned off by default, so you will have to activate it. This is how it works on your iPhone and Mac.

iPhone calendar birthdays

How to add an iPhone calendar for birthdays

  1. Open the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Tap on ‘Calendars’ in the bottom bar;
  3. Tap ‘Birthdays’;
  4. Birthdays have now been added to your Calendar on iOS;

Activate Mac calendar birthdays

  1. Open the Calendar app on your Mac;
  2. Open the Calendar list;
  3. Check the box next to ‘Birthdays’.

Add birthdays to Contacts

To see these birthdays, you must of course add them. If you have a Google account and Facebook account connected to your iPhone or iPad, all these birthdays will automatically appear in it.

Facebook calendar

Linking your Facebook calendar to include birthdays in the Calendar works as follows:

  1. Open Facebook on your Mac or PC and click on ‘Events’;
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Birthdays’ in the bottom right corner;
  3. Click on ‘Allow’ in the message that appears;
  4. Click on ‘Subscribe’;
  5. Accept the settings;
  6. All of your Facebook friends’ birthdays are now in the Calendar app.

Linking a Google account is a lot easier and can be done via the Settings app on your iPhone. Open ‘Settings> Accounts & Passwords> New Account’ and sign in with your Google account. If you follow all the steps above, you will never again have an excuse for forgetting someone’s birthday. After all, you can now easily set a notification for this.

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