Tip: Use a different search engine in private mode on your iPhone

Private mode on iPhone is very useful to prevent malicious websites from accessing your data while surfing. But make sure you also set a different search engine. Here you can read how to do that.

Set up search engine in iPhone private mode

Do you ever use Safari’s private mode to surf more safely? Websites such as Google can still obtain certain information about your surfing behavior.

private search engine safari

To ensure that Google also knows less about you, you should also set a different search engine in private mode. Then choose DuckDuckGo, this is a more privacy-friendly search engine. You can read how to do that below.

  • Tap ‘Settings’;
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Safari’;
  • Under ‘Search’, tap ‘Private search engine’;
  • Choose ‘DuckDuckGo’.

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Launch Private Mode in Safari on your iPhone

Don’t know how to start Private Mode in Safari on your iPhone? Then follow the steps below.

How to Start Private Mode in Safari on iPhone

  1. Open the Safari app on your iPhone;

  2. Tap the button with the two squares together;

  3. Swipe right at the bottom of the screen until you see the ‘Private’ button;

  4. Tap ‘Private’ to start private mode.

Surf even more securely: Private transfer in iCloud

Do you prefer to surf as privately as possible? Then, in addition to setting the search engine in private mode, you can also enable a few extra options to always surf safely.

With the ‘Private transfer’ option you can hide your IP address and surfing behavior in Safari. In addition, it protects your unencrypted internet traffic, so that no one (including Apple) can see who you are or which websites you visit.

Private Relay

To set up Private Transfer in iCloud, you obviously need an iCloud account. Then open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone and tap ‘Apple ID > iCloud > Private Transfer’. Then turn on the button for ‘Private transfer’.

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