Tips to keep your iPhone in good condition after your contract

If you have a subscription with an iPhone, there is a good chance that after two years and often just a few months earlier, you will receive a message from your telecom provider that you can renew your subscription and therefore also choose a new device. It is of course very nice that they think along with you. Apart from the fact that this of course generates money, it is often not necessary to switch to a new device after two years. Because let’s be honest, a device costing over a thousand euros every two years is a bit too much.

Therefore, make sure you get an affordable one SIM only subscription and you can often make unlimited calls and use data for less than 25 euros per month. It is useful to opt for a flexible contract. If your phone still dies, you can still opt for a subscription with device.

Keep your iPhone clean and dry

A clean iPhone is a happy iPhone. Make sure you clean your iPhone regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or solvents as they may damage the housing or screen. Also keep your iPhone dry, as water can damage the electronics. Although the latest iPhones are waterproof and dustproof, it is of course not wise to regularly expose them to water. Of course, a few drops of water are not a problem, but try to avoid this as much as possible.

You can safely clean any screen with Apple's cleaning cloth

Use a case and screen protector

We know that as an adolescent it may not be very cool to walk around with a screen protector and case. Yet this is sensible. You don’t want your phone to get damaged and the screen to get a big crack, for example, while you could have prevented this. It is always possible that a few traces of use can be seen, but with a screen protector and case you reduce the chance of this happening. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t look like such a huge crack in your screen, replacing it is also quite expensive.

Nomad Racing Yellow iPhone case and Apple Watch strap

Replace the battery

The chance that you have charged your phone hundreds of times in the past two years is quite high. Not bad, but the battery capacity has probably now dropped to 90 percent. To ensure that your phone is practically as new again, it is best to have a new (original) battery installed. Depending on the type of iPhone you have, this is often not much more expensive than a few tens of euros. This has the advantage that you can use your phone for as long as when it was new, so you are actually going back two years in time. Replacing the battery is always cheaper than if you have to buy a whole new phone.

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