Too bad: new VanMoof bikes no longer work with ‘Find My’

VanMoof has released e-bikes, which unfortunately have to do without the ‘Find My’ function. We explain how you can still see the location of the bicycle.

VanMoof introduces new bikes

Bicycle developer VanMoof has introduced two new e-bikes: the VanMoof S4 and X4. However, these electric bikes have to do without a very useful function, the e-bikes no longer have integration for Apple’s ‘Find My’ app. Earlier VanMoof bikes were equipped with the function, so you could always keep an eye on the location in Apple’s ‘Find My’ app.

A pity, of course, because you always want to be able to check the location of a bicycle with such a price tag. The VanMoof S4 and X4 are both sold for 2,198 euros. That is already a lot cheaper than the VanMoof S5, for which you pay no less than 3498 euros. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to add the bike to ‘Find My’. We explain how!

Hide AirTag bike

Hide an AirTag in your bike

The easiest way to track your bike in Find My is to simply hide an AirTag in it. There are several ways to do that. One of the smartest ideas for an AirTag on your bike is the AirBell. As the name suggests, you can hide an AirTag in the bicycle bell.

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The bell is made for any bicycle handlebar with a diameter of 22mm and looks unobtrusive. After all, it is important that the AirTag in the bell does not stand out, so that the tracker is not easily stolen. With the AirBell you can always see the location of your bike, which is extremely useful if you can’t remember where you put your bike or if it has been stolen. The AirBell is easy to attach and cost 26.99 euros at

Don’t like the bell? Then you can also hide the AirTag under your saddle with an AirTag holder. The AirTag is then securely attached and cannot be seen. The LAUT AirTag holder for the bicycle is an excellent solution for this. The holder consists of two parts that you click around your AirTag and fasten it firmly under your saddle with two screws. Order the holder here for only 18.90 euros.


Buy AirTag

For all these ways to hide an AirTag, you will of course need an AirTag. So first check the best prices in our AirTag price comparison. This way you can be sure that you will not pay too much!

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