Top 5: used inflated Fords

Busy saving for the upcoming Ford Focus RS and now deeply disappointed that it won’t come at all? Then comfort yourself with these five inflated Fords that together probably cost as much as the one Focus RS had cost.

Ford 1.6 Sportka 2004 – € 999

This is no ordinary Ka, you can see that from afar. No, this is a real Sportka. Perhaps it is the manliest Ka ever built. He looks meaner from his eyes, is made wider, gets gigantic front and rear fog lamps and the unique rear bumper with the central round reversing light. Under the hood of the 935 kg Fordje is a 95 hp 1.6 hidden, making the Sportka a real throwing and throwing car. In 10.6 seconds, the Ka is even out of 100! For less than € 1,000, this copy is looking for a new owner. Fortunately, it is painted in the recognizable deep blue color and gets 16-inch wheels that look good on it. Air conditioning and electric windows are also present and seem to be still working. Furthermore, the Ford logos, as befits an old Ford Ka, have faded and the fuel cap slowly starts to rust. What is also striking: this Ka rust remarkably little. The MOT will only expire in over a year. Pack up!

Ford Sportka blue occasion

Ford Mondeo Wagon 3.0 V6 ST220 – € 5,950

Unlike the Ka, this Mondeo looks quite modest compared to its regular brothers. However, nothing could be further from the truth, because under the hood of this Mondeo Wagon ST220 is a 3.0-liter V6 with 226 hp hidden. Although not heard through the ad, this block growls at you as soon as the key is turned. The top speed of the 1,570 kg station wagon is 237 km / h and within 7.7 seconds the beast is in 100. Those are further figures for a ‘civil lease car’. This copy is for sale for € 5,950 and touches almost 200,000 km. At first glance, every conceivable option is available – as witnessed by the built-in child seat in the rear seat! – and the car still looks sleek. The fact that it is an import car, however, plays a less important role.

Ford Mondeo ST Wagon occasion

Ford Focus 2.5-20V ST – € 8,950

After the loss of an RS, the current ST is the most powerful Focus there is. Ford started its ST story in 2002 with the first-generation ST170. This ST advertised here is the sequel to that car and gets significantly more power. Ford is shopping in Volvo warehouses for the 2.5-liter five-cylinder with 225 hp (T5). The appearance is also turned on here and there, but Ford still knows how to make the Focus ST a modest car. The biggest downside to this Focus ST for € 8,950 is the color, because the bright orange paint is of course the color for this car. An Techzle test of the time shows that the buyer gets a Focus that is both sporty and comfortable and produces a beautiful sound when accelerating. Who offers?

Ford Focus ST occasion

Ford Escort 2.o RS 2000 – € 12,500

Time for a classic among all that young violence: an Escort 2.0 RS 2000 from 1992. Admittedly, it might be a big blow to such an old animal, but look at it! Flawless, just a ton of experience and with 150 roaring horses under the hood. Ford once started with the RS 2000 line with the first Escort in the 1970s, which was then used as a rally gun. Soon the athlete grew into a street-legal car, with this fifth-generation escort being one of the last. Ford eventually came up with an even stronger variant: the heavily expanded Cosworth, which gets 228 hp.

Ford Escort S2000 occasion

Ford Focus 2.0-16V RS – € 15,800

A story with the disappearance of a Focus RS as a reason should of course not miss a used Focus RS. This is the cheapest available, at € 15,800. It is the ancestor of all RS’s, because it dates from the beginning of this century. It is a special car, because Ford built only 4,501 copies of the car. In addition, more than half of these copies were destined for the United Kingdom. It is not just any version of a regular Focus, because no less than seventy percent of the car consists of unique or heavily modified parts. The 2.0-liter produces 215 hp. This allows the Focus to sprint from 0 to 100 within 6.7 seconds. Pedaling up to 232 km / h. Thing: the Dutch seller bought the Focus abroad from the second owner, but does not provide the car with yellow plates. You have to do that yourself.

Ford Focus RS occasion

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