Toyota unveils new Mirai production version

Hydrogen car with 500 kilometer driving range

Toyota unveils new Mirai production version
Toyota Mirai Toyota presents the second generation of its hydrogen car, the Mirai. With a more attractive design, a larger driving range and more appealing driving characteristics, the new model should become more attractive to more people.

Toyota is one of the forerunners in the hydrogen field, ready for the second generation of the Mirai. In October, the brand already showed a preview of the new model, the production version is, apart from a few details, unchanged compared to the concept model.

Toyota wants the Mirai to be an attractive car regardless of its special technology. That is why the design department drew a streamlined body, the model now has five seats and the dashboard has been upgraded. But the most important benefit is perhaps that the Mirai is now on the TGNA platform, which is also the basis of models such as the Prius and Corolla. With this, the brand hopes to raise the driving characteristics to a higher level.

The almost 5 meter long Mirai has three hydrogen tanks, giving the car a driving range of 500 kilometers. Although the network of hydrogen stations is still not sufficient in the Netherlands at the moment, Toyota is counting on seventeen stations to be operational by the end of this year. That is exactly on time, because the new Mirai is coming to the Netherlands in early 2021. The prices are not yet known.

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