Transition change for Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Volkswagen has replaced the Polo Sedan in Russia with a completely different model. What immediately catches the eye: the successor to the Polo Sedan is no longer a sedan!

Volkswagen has a sedan version of the current Polo on offer as ‘Virtus’, a car that is sold in Brazil and elsewhere. In Russia, a sedan version of the previous generation Polo was on the menu, but that car is now being replaced by a completely different model that has nothing to do with the Virtus.

Volkswagen has decided to replace the Polo Sedan in Russia with its own version of the new Skoda Rapid. The Volkswagen takes over the bodywork of that car, although the brand does give it a snout of its own and a slightly resembling Passat buttock. The fact that the base of the carriage comes from the Skoda Rapid, also means that this newcomer has become a liftback with a large fifth door. The renewed Polo ‘Sedan’ is 4.48 meters long and 1.7 meters wide. This makes it 8 centimeters longer than its predecessor. The luggage space has a capacity of 550 liters and there the liftback wins 90 liters compared to the previous model. Volkswagen hangs a completely new interior in this revised Polo version, with a separate infotainment screen on the dashboard. Customers who pay extra get Virtual Cockpit, the digital set of tools from Volkswagen, in front of them. LED lighting is standard on both front and rear.

Engine adjustments are not implemented and that means that the fresh Polo Sedan is available with a 90 hp and a 110 hp 1.6. That atmospheric four-cylinder is accompanied by a 1.4 TSI that delivers 125 hp. The TSI can be connected to a DSG automatic transmission, while the 1.6-liter can be supplied with both a manual five-speed gearbox and a six-speed automatic transmission.

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