Twitter alternative Threads is coming – and collects all your data

Still looking for an alternative to Twitter? Then there’s good news, because Threads is seen as the replacement for Twitter – with one major drawback. This is the new app.

Meta introduces Threads

Last year, Elon Musk took over Twitter and quite a bit has changed on the platform since then. Under Musk’s leadership, it became possible for anyone to get a blue check if you pay for the new Twitter subscription. This week, Musk announced that there will be a limit on the number of tweets you can view per day. So the chaos on Twitter still doesn’t seem to be over.

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Reason enough for many users to look for an alternative to Twitter. Meta is now taking advantage of the dissatisfaction on Twitter and is accelerating the launch of a completely new app: Threads. The new platform is intended to post short text messages, photos and videos. Is this the replacement for Twitter?

Twitter alternative thread

Threads connected to Instagram

Threads was originally scheduled to launch at the end of this month, but due to the current chaos on Twitter, Meta has decided to release the app as early as this week. It is still unclear what exactly Threads will look like. What is clear is that it has almost the same functions as Twitter, so you can post short messages or share photos and videos.

Just like Twitter, Threads allows you to follow people and be followed by users. Meta is the parent company of Instagram, so your profile on Threads will most likely connect to your account on Instagram. For example, you must have the same username on both platforms and your profile picture on Threads must be one of your photos on Instagram. It is possible to follow and unfollow different accounts on Threads and Instagram.

Meta will soon collect even more data

The data you have shared on Instagram is therefore directly linked by Meta to your new profile on Threads. This is not very surprising, because the company has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to data protection. For example, Facebook was previously fined billions for violating privacy. The question is therefore how much data Meta collects from you when you use Threads. Of course, that can also be seen on the App Store page of Threads:

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It is expected that Meta will learn even more about you through Threads. After all, the company already collects your data via WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Another platform is now being added, which means that Meta can only collect more data. Do you want to prevent that? Then for now, despite the chaos, it is wise to stay on Twitter for a while.

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