Unfortunately: most of Flitsmeister’s functions are behind a paywall

Do you regularly use Flitsmeister? Then we have bad news, because Flitsmeister places most functions behind a paywall. That’s how expensive it gets.

Flitsmeister gets paid

Flitsmeister has announced that major changes are coming to the app, which means bad news for most users. While many functions are currently free to use, Flitsmeister will soon place them behind a paywall. It is now possible to pay for the app, which will give you access to exclusive features. You won’t see any advertisements, you get a Focus Mode and you can view warnings in a new route information bar.

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Flitsmeister has now indicated that more functions will disappear behind the paywall. According to the company, this is necessary, because more investments need to be made in the app. With these investments, Flitsmeister wants to continue to innovate and guarantee safety on the road. Unfortunately, this means that basic functions will soon only be available with Flitsmeister Pro.

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These functions disappear behind the paywall

Do you often use Flitsmeister in a car with CarPlay or Android Auto? Then you will soon have to pay for a subscription, because you can no longer use CarPlay and Android Auto in the free version. Functions such as the average speed at section checks, your current speed, fuel prices and Live Activities on the iPhone will soon only be available to paying subscribers of Flitsmeister.

You can choose from three subscriptions with Flitsmeister. The free subscription is Flitsmeister Start, the paid subscriptions are Flitsmeister Pro and Pro Plus. With the latter you get even more functions than with Flitsmeister Pro. For example, you can contest fines at Pro Plus and view your trip registration and speed camera history. You currently pay 1.99 euros monthly for Flitsmeister Pro, but due to the new features, Flitsmeister increases that price to 2.99 euros per month. Flitsmeister Pro Plus costs no less than 6.99 euros monthly.

flashmeister paid

Flitsmeister already paid soon

Unfortunately, we don’t have to wait long for these new subscriptions, because Flitsmeister is starting 6 May already with the new arrangement. From next Monday you will have to pay to use Flitsmeister with CarPlay. Not sure yet whether you want to pay for the app? Then you can first take out a free trial subscription of thirty days. Be careful, because that subscription will automatically renew.

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There has already been a lot of criticism of Flitsmeister’s paywall, which is why many users are looking for a new app that is free. A good alternative is Waze, a navigation app that always analyzes the conditions on the road. This way, Waze ensures that you always have the fastest route. And the big advantage: many speed cameras have also been added to Waze. Are you looking for an alternative? Then Waze is definitely worth a try.

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