Unlimited internet on your iPhone (secretly not without limit)

Do you have an unlimited internet subscription on your iPhone? Then there is no limit on your data (you would think). Yet that is true. You need to know this!

Unlimited internet on your iPhone (not without limit)

You see it more and more often: if you take out a mobile internet subscription for your iPhone, you can choose to get unlimited internet and calling. Of course it’s great, because you never have to keep an eye on a monthly data limit again. However, there is a catch, because secretly you have some kind of limit on your bundle.

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Compared to a few years ago, much more mobile data is generally used. While 1 GB per month used to be enough, some avid iPhoners now have several gigabytes per day. That is why there are now various subscriptions available, of which unlimited internet is the largest for your iPhone.

How many GB is unlimited internet?

If you read the small print carefully when you take out a subscription, there is something else included. Many of the providers apply ‘fair use’. In short, that means don’t go too crazy. Streaming on your iPhone all day long is fine, but constantly downloading huge files of tens of gigabytes with your iPhone is not.

This fair use is not the same for every provider. For example, Odido has a daily credit of 20 GB. If you go over that, then there is nothing wrong. But then you have to manually ‘top up’ 2 GB of unlimited internet on your iPhone every time. FYI: KPN has a fair use of 10 GB per day. Vodafone has a limit of 12 GB.

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Please note that this fair use is often only for the Netherlands. For example, if you go on holiday to Germany, different rules apply. These are also different for every provider. Again, read the small print.

Is 20 GB per month a lot?

You will probably not reach these limits, because 20 GB per day is really a lot. You have to put in quite a lot of effort to get over that. However, if you take out an unlimited mobile internet subscription, it is always wise to know what the limits are (and what you can do if you have exceeded the daily limit). Therefore, always check what the fair use policy is with your provider. Then you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises (or without internet).

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