Update for WhatsApp fixes annoying photo problem

Recently there were many complaints about WhatsApp on the iPhone, because photos were saved twice. There is now an update that fixes the problem.

Update for WhatsApp fixes photo problem

You may have already noticed, but WhatsApp has been having an annoying problem with saving photos lately. That caused a photo you saved to appear twice in your Photos app.

According to the iPhone owners with the problem, it started after installing iOS 17.4. However, Apple quickly said that it was up to Meta (the developers of WhatsApp) to fix it. Remarkably, Android had no problems with duplicate photos in WhatsApp.

whatsapp update photos

Fortunately, an update has now been released for WhatsApp. Version 24.5.75 fixes the problem with the photos in WhatsApp. You can now download the update from the App Store. Updates are usually automatically downloaded to your device, but that can sometimes take a while. You can therefore also update manually (and check whether your iPhone already has the update). You do this in the following way.

  • Open the ‘App Store’ and tap your profile photo at the top right;
  • Place your finger on your name (under ‘Account’) and drag the window down. Do this until the loading icon appears;
  • Lift your finger, scroll down and tap Update All;
  • Tap ‘Done’, your iPhone or iPad will download all updates in the background.

If you scroll further down you will also find the previous updates that your iPhone has installed. You can then see there whether your iPhone already has the WhatsApp update to solve the photo problem.

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