Use HomeKit on your Apple Watch: control your home from your wrist

If you have smart devices at home with HomeKit support, you can also control them from your Apple Watch. In this tip we show you how it works and what is possible.

Control HomeKit from your Apple Watch

The Home app is installed on every Apple Watch. This allows you to control all smart devices in the house that are connected to HomeKit. Since the app is linked to iCloud, you can control all the lights, thermostats and other HomeKit devices you see on your iPhone from your wrist. Follow the steps below to control your devices.

Apple Watch HomeKit
  1. Open the Home app on your Apple Watch;
  2. In the list that then appears, you can choose a preset scene;
  3. Scroll further down to see your individual devices;
  4. Tap a bulb to adjust the brightness;
  5. Tap the three dots and swipe left to change the color (temperature).

What is good to know is that your iPhone, when connected to your Watch, does not necessarily have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can also use the Home app via the mobile network. For this you need an Apple TV, iPad or HomePod, which is set up as a HomeKit hub and is connected to your own network.

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Control HomeKit from your Watch with Siri

Siri on your Apple Watch can also access HomeKit. To do this, press and hold the digital crown or say ‘hey Siri’ to activate the assistant, then ask what you want to do. You can not only turn your lights on and off, but also turn on one of your preset scenes.

It can be useful to call it ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’, for example, then you only have to say this word to Siri to activate it. Some useful HomeKit commands from Siri:

  • ‘Hey Siri turn on the lights’
  • ‘Hey Siri goodnight’ (All lights go out)
  • ‘Hey Siri make all lights green’
  • ‘Hey Siri turn the lights brighter’
  • ‘Hey Siri dim the lights’

More about HomeKit

HomeKit is Apple’s ecosystem for smart devices, such as Philips Hue lights, Sonos speakers, doorbells and more. All devices are connected to each other and you use the Home app as a central control point.

Are you new to the world of smart homes? Then check out our HomeKit guide to get off to a good start. For inspiration, check out these HomeKit lineups, or skip Apple’s ecosystem altogether with these HomeKit alternatives.

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