Used car purchasing advice for Tesla Model 3 (2019-2023)

This will be the year of the used Tesla Model 3. Because there will be a lot of those cars. ‘People’s EV’ from the United States is conquering the Netherlands for business.

This will be the year of the used Tesla Model 3. Because there are many of those cars from 2019 on the used car market. As a result, prices are coming under serious pressure. Partly, of course, due to the price reduction that Tesla itself implemented. But… what do you actually buy if you go for a second-hand Tesla Model 3?

Who would have thought in 2019 that Tesla’s Model 3 would easily become the best-selling passenger car in the Netherlands by the end of that year? Of course, that 2019 success had everything to do with tax benefits. And much less with saving the planet. Entrepreneurs, self-employed people and other business drivers in particular struck because of the low additional tax. But make no mistake: among all those drivers of a Tesla Model 3 there are also many connoisseurs and enthusiasts who appreciate the car not only for its low additional tax, but also for what it has to offer. And be able to substantiate that well.

How does it drive? Good!

You can think all kinds of things about Tesla, its founder and how they do things, but the fact is that the majority of Tesla buyers and drivers are satisfied with what it offers and how it drives. And that everything surrounding Tesla is also well organized. Tesla drivers that we see and speak to during our tests on the chassis dynamometer, or who show up for Klokje Rond, have usually become satisfied and even enthusiastic EV drivers.

There are also points of attention

Back to the car. A used Model 3 from the first batch. Because there is no occasion without negative points and points of interest. In the video we tell you everything you should pay attention to when purchasing a Tesla Model 3 as a used car, read more about it all in this article.

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