Vanwall Vandervell S: new German EV becomes even more powerful

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Vanwall Vandervell S

The German Vanwall will start delivering the Vandervell S in the first quarter of next year. We have already shown you the Vanwall Vandervell S, but the muscular hot hatch turns out to be even stronger than initially announced.

At the beginning of this year we wrote for the first time about the Vanwall Vandervell S, a sporty electric hatchback that has the angularity of the 1980s in terms of design. The Vanwall story also harkens back to the past in terms of name. Vanwall was originally an English F1 team and racing car manufacturer, today it is a German racing team. Vanwall will also focus on electric passenger cars and with the Vandervell S, it nods to the founder of the original Vanwall: Tony Vandervell. Vandervell therefore does not stand for the German pronunciation of the English ‘wonderful’.

The Vanderwell S would initially be available in two four-wheel drive versions. The first would be 320 hp, the second 580 hp. The least powerful version now produces up to 325 hp, according to the papers. The more powerful Vandervell S Plus should now produce no less than 650 hp.

The first copies of the Vanderwell S should be delivered in the first quarter of 2024. The starting price of the Vanderwell S is €128,000. Please note: this does not include local taxes. Interested? After making a deposit of €20,000 you can order one.

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